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After call (1million shirts)

I had a very constructive conversation with the 1 million shirts founder, Jason Sadler, and the international development guys on Twitter last week. Jason told us that he had simply wanted to use his involvement in clothes retailing and his marketing savvy to do good in Africa, using social media platforms as the springboard for […]

Another Bad AID Idea for Africa

I was alerted yesterday morning by Linda Raftree alias @meowtree on Twitter to the existence of a project to send 1 million tee-shirts to Africa. Run by a certain Jason Sadler, you can find out all about it here Jason asks each t-shirt donor to enclose a minimum of $1 to contribute to shipping costs. […]

Where are the African speakers?

This blog has been triggered by the numerous emails I get every day about the apparent lack of African speakers prepared to come forward to talk about certain industries at Africa-focused events. I attend many events in Africa and around the world and my exasperation is growing because I struggle to find African speakers capable […]

Why AID money isn’t reaching the poor in Africa

Wikipedia defines aid as "a voluntary transfer of resources from one country to another, given at least partly with the objective of benefiting the recipient country.“ There are thousands of charities around the world that want to do good in Africa. Some of them are having a positive impact, working extremely hard to make a […]

Facing up to the Future in Africa

A recent trip to Africa, where I had the opportunity to visit many schools and meet students who are aspiring to a better education, to serve their countries, to help their families and even to become tomorrow's leaders, was a thought-provoking and dispiriting experience. Education is a basic right of every human being, but it […]

Emmanuel Jal is changing the way!

I had the privilege to meet Emmanuel Jal the Sudanese War Child recently in London, he is truly an inspiration. With his quiet voice and distinguish Sudanese accent, Jal is very humble, intelligent and fun to be with. He was our Guest at Africa Gathering in London where he talked about his childhood and his […]

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