Are you normal?

....If yes what is normality..

Many people will say that they are abnormal. Their difference is mostly on whom they are, what they do, what they believe in, their values, ethics etc…So it's ok to be unique!
Normality and conformity is what most people are trying to do in their life! They have to be normal to be accepted by their peers or society in general.
When different, they can suffer from bullying, discrimination,
Intellectual bullying, racial equality, sexism etc…

I heard on the news this morning that Simon-Baron-Chen is on the prospect for a prenatal test for Autism. What's wrong with this people?

We know that prenatal testing brings a tremendous amount of fear and stress into a woman pregnancy. It's terrific! All those informations you learn from perhaps inaccurate tests that your child has x% of chance of having an abnormality is crazy and if the NHS is involve, there is no chance! They get most things wrong!

Yes we need to talk about Autism, Down Syndrome etc... But why do we need a prenatal test for Autism? Are they saying that all the people with a very high IQ need to be tested inside of their mum's tummy before they are born? If there are possibilities then the pregnancy needs to be reviewed or terminated.

How can they be sure about the symptoms? Surely the child needs to be born, start interacting with others before we can notice anything.
Also I though they said that the MMR Vaccine was related to Autism.

Please put your efforts on the Cancer research, Alzheimer, other serious diseases that kill people every day and stop this project. I hope the tax payers are not paying for this crazy stuff! Get real people!

Information about Autism

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