At TED 2011

It has been said that TED Events are the most spectacular in the world. I will not argue with that statement. I am so lucky to be attending this extraordinary gathering again this year as Palm Springs welcomes participants from around the globe for TED Active 2011.
Around 600 amazing individuals from more than 35 countries are gathered in sunny California to connect, find inspiration and share ideas. Happiness and excitement can be seen on the faces of newcomers while old hands seem contented to rediscover the sense of belonging that TED manages to create.

The last two days saw a series of workshops and group discussions held in association with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These looked into ways of sharing best practices, connecting with the license holders, discovering shared issues in events organisation and enriching the TED communities.

Numerous speakers from around the world also took the stage including myself to share their ideas on the events they organise in their respective territories.

As the TED family is growing, groups were divided in to regions. License holders were invited to assist in the development of various projects – a new initiative from TED Active – in a discussion group format.

Before TED Active 2011 kicked off, attendees also got to enjoy TED YOU at the Living Desert nature reserve, where they got to meet some indigenous wildlife. At this event, more than 10 speakers took the stage to share their stories with us. We particularly enjoyed Jack Sim, who discussed the importance of removing bureaucratic obstacles to progress, and Krupali Tejura, who delighted us with her ideas on how social media can be used to do good.

As the sun went to sleep, attendees mingled at an informal dinner serving various cuisines from mobile diner-trucks.

Entertainment is provided by the excellent Rives and Kelly, the two amazing TED Active hosts.

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