BAA Security check-In, Regulations and Policies

According to Dan Milmo, transport correspondent on an article (source the Guardian) "The liquid bomb plot has cost the British aviation industry at least £200m. BAA has invested an estimated £75m in hiring a further 2,500 security guards while other major UK airports not owned by BAA have poured around £25m into security improvements including extra personnel."

I truly think these policies and regulations are starting to annoy millions of passengers, I will tell you why they are ridicules.

The Americans authorities have relaxed the security restrictions for passenger that travels from UK airports to America! You can now take liquids purchased after security on board flight. Removing your shoes in some US airports is no longer required. However, if your shoes alarm while proceeding through the metal detector, you will be subjected to a secondary screening. That's fine I am cool with that!

A UK passenger that is travelling to Europe or America from the BAA airports will be asked to remove coat shoes, belt, jewellery and jacket for screening according to this UK Regime. They are not allowed to take any liquid over 100ml to the flight. I have asked several times why, no one can give me a solid, constructive answer! The only thing I am told is: "Sorry Madam, we are just following the policies". Why these policies are still in place after 8 years since the 9/11.? Ask more you will miss your flight!

When you arrive at Heathrow or Gatwick going to Europe or America, welcomed by couple of girls that gave you plastic bags (bad for the environment) for your lipstick, hand cream etc..., you then pass the passport and ticket control. They ask you take off your jacket, shoes, belt etc… all theses items goes on the square black or grey tray, if you have a laptop you will pull it out from your bag etc.. Now if the security screen checker finds out that you have something in your bag (sometimes this is not consistent), it will be checked by another officer. If you have a product that is over 100ml written on the bottle, she/he will confiscate the item.

I had several of my creams confiscated even if the remaining content inside the bottle is 20ml for example, the fact it is written on the bottle 150ml, it will end up binned. This is a massive UK problem!

Frustrating as it can be; I don't see any logic on this. And according to the Government this ban will remain in place another 2 to 5 years unless they find a machine that could possibly monitor all liquids without causing lengthy delays. Seriously who is making these decisions? Because after my product is confiscated, I have access to the Duty Free, with a credit card I can buy what ever I like, I can get the same product again and again. I can get some shoes too.

How a 20ml remaining cream can blow a plane? They are spending millions of pounds on policies that don't work! They impose them to the nation, to the tax payers and frankly we have enough! Sometimes you get these private questioning, targeted selections, violation of your privacy, and many other issues with the Screeners that are improperly trained and some don't give a damn about your moans. Who check on them? Nobody as far I can see! Who knows where these toiletries go afterward, where are they empted and recycled? I bet if you track the procedures, you will find that nothing is done properly; it may be dumped in a massive warehouse somewhere. They talk about global warming, where is the consistency with this Government? In no doubt we need an urgent review on these Regulations and Policies. They don't work!


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