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How NOT to Give Money to Charities Working in Africa

Thousands of well-meaning people around the world give regularly to charities or want to donate or get involved in some way but are unsure of the best way to go about it. Many of these people lack knowledge of the real issues on the ground affecting ordinary Africans. Their motivation to donate money might be […]

How NOT to run events in Africa

Looking to run events in Africa soon? Here are 15 things you must NOT do if you want to increase your chances of successfully organising an event in Africa. Do not think you can get away without doing full and thorough research Do not go without an up-to-date and verified database Do not forget that […]

Exclusive Interview: Empowering the African woman

Press AfricaNews Journalist Kingsley Kobo, reporter in Abidjan, Ivory Coast interviewed Marieme Jamme . How do we help African women? What can we do to give them a better-deserved education? How is polygamy affecting them and their health? And how do we enable them to find themselves, have self-esteem and look forward to societal progress? […]

Wikipedia and Africa

Wikipedia is expanding in Africa. The founder Jimmy Wales has big ambitions for the developing world according to this BBC article Article. And why is that? Well a continent that has with 53 countries, more than 2000 estimated Languages spoken needs to be considered and given attention on Wikipedia. I think its very wise that […]

Africa is Content!

Africa, the continent everybody's talking about needs the biggest PR company in the world. Is 2010 the year to Brand and Market the African continent better? Africa will not be the Africa we knew 20 years ago, because its own people have taken the PR role via the social media web Twitter, Facebook and many […]

ICT in Africa- Mozambique 2009

Just retuned from Mozambique where I was a Keynote Speaker for AITEC Africa, www.aitecafrica.com. This year event was held at the National Convention Centre of Mozambique, opened by Sean Moroney the Chairman of AITEC Africa and held under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Technology, represented by Americo Muchanga. AITEC Mozambique was outstanding, […]

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