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Tuttle Club in London

The Tuttle Club attendees really do have fun; I was one of them this morning and I did enjoy it. The Breakfast extended to lunch and took place at the InnPark- St James Park, I met really nice people with plenty of ideas. The ideas that can change our world; The Tuttle club was founded […]

African Embassies and customer service

An Open letter to African Embassies in London and beyond!. People that need Visa to go into some African countries will welcome this article. For the last couple of years I have been witnessing an increasingly bad customer services in some African Embassies specially the one in London and Paris. I am being demanded to […]

What are you doing?... with your life?

Is twitter the answer? With hundreds of thousands being laid off, across the world people in all walks of life are struggling to figure out what to do next in their Businesses, their Relationships and in their Lives. We are all asking questions. After almost a year of witnessing a complete meltdown of systems failures, […]

Is your Business going Up In smoke?

Have your Toast Burnt? When something is not working, or burnt try again! Try again one more time and another time maybe, depending on how long you have! If you come to the conclusion that something isn't working and you know it will not, start from fresh. Reset the button and find a new way […]

There are no problems, only solutions in Business

Good Morning, When we have issues in my organisation, we call a brainstorming session, outlined the issues and try to solve them. I love them, I get to interact with my team and we have great FUN. I also get to see their personalities, body languages, how confident they are in expressing their views.Honesty and […]

Snowed In!

I am sure you will notice that severe weather conditions this morning have made commuting and travel almost impossible. With weather forecasts predicting worsening conditions as the day goes on, alternate work arrangements need to be made if you want your business to continue. Have you considered re-arranging your meetings and scheduling your appointments via […]

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