Climate change decoded for Africans

This image was the most shocking image I saw in my recent visit to Africa, Senegal. I took it on my way to a village called Kaymor. Trust me, its more dirty place I have ever seen on earth. Nearby lives thousands of women, men and children. There is a market where people shop every single day. Its a dump. All the recycling of that town in dumped there. Now, Tell me about climate change and Africa. How can you talk about climate change in Africa, if the government themselves are not educated and things like this is happening at their door. Why would they fly all the way to Copenhagen if their countries are like this. What would they learn?
I would love to see some African countries teaching civility lessons in school really, because unless we decode climate change and its impact to the grass rots in Africa, no chance!

My view is this, Africa, climate change, or whatever it is, let's educate people on climate change, ask them to educate their people first on the subject. Millions of dollars will be spent on Africa in order to help them with their climate change programs, but I say , until we educate, mobilize our people on being civil, clean and take responsibility for their towns, villages and cites these dollars will be wasted or end up on the hands of the African Leaders.

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