How can George Bush reinvent himself?

People like George Bush have done so many bad things; there are no words for it.

 Talking to a friend last night from Virginia, she was telling me that 4 peoples in the neighbourhoods have lost their jobs; she heard that in another state, a guy took his life, too many debts, no job, no prospect and a family to feed... He could not cope with the pressure.

George Bush will go back to Texas, in his Ranch, probably yelling freedom with his horses, his luxuries, his hobbies, perhaps writing a book about his miserable life hoping that someone in China will read it.
His PR agencies will advise him to join the "Society of life savers", and become an Ambassador somewhere in Europe in order to reverse the mission with Sarkozy and his loyal friend Tony la Bière.

His bank account must be full with monies, he just needs to clip his fingers all will be done. Anyway, every thing will be fine until…

George Bush needs to pay for what he has done, he knows that internally. I am not sure how and when, but the man is suffering or maybe not! People like George Bush have emotionally suffered, but every thing was cover up with money and power. He will think like many ignorant Americans that he was blessed in his 8 years of Power. No humanity, Egocentric and selfish.

Thanks to MLK and the spirit of Freedom, Obama did not wait for his destiny to knock at his door; he went and search for it.

Is there any justice for those fathers and mothers that work so hard to bring food home?? Not really! They have to work even harder before things getter better. There is a hope I think...., by the end of 2009; people will perhaps start to feel little bit comfortable for the years to come!

As for George Bush there is no Holy water that can clean him, I sincerely hope that one day the man will try to reinvent himself!

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