How do you learn to love?

A name define who you are and is very much associated to your individuality, love is what makes your senses respond without thinking to a specific need..... it makes you flow, feel good, love helps your heart to be the essence of who you are as human being, you then become open and willing to care and empathize with others naturally.

Some people don't know love, don't understand it and can't give it. It is not their fault, they just don't know it. Can love be taught? I am not sure! Do we teach our children to love, or do we just give it to them? What if we don't know how to?

My father used to say, if you don't have love in your heart, you can't empathise with anyone. All the attention is in you, only you! No one else is important; you are in your own world. Bless him; he was a very loving man.

When I think of Mugabe, I am not sure if he knows love, should he know love, would he be like this? Bitter, angry, cold, unforgiving, he would not be so lonely if he knew love!

Nelson Mandela had a very tough life, but nevertheless understands the meaning of love, it seems to me that no matter where you come from, the meaning of love is conform, uniform and come from a button inside.

Love is given to our children, they then give it to theirs, if the process is used in the same logic, there should not be any damage, but if not used in the correct logic, it can cause damage to generations.

In think when we let go, open our hearts, make concession, trust ourselves, forgive, forget, share with others, give to others and finally heal, then love can occur.


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