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50 Africans You Should Know About For 2013

Happy New year to all of you! Thank you for being here! 2012 has been an incredible year for me and the people I work with. We have met and worked with so many people inside and outside Africa, so we decided again to put together this list so that you can meet and connect […]

From Activist to President: Why Youssou Ndour Shouldn't be President of Senegal

Don’t get me wrong, I like Youssou Ndour. I have met him. I think he is a man of high calibre with extensive influence in Senegal and an international profile. His music has spoken to an entire generation and been heard around the world. He has never hesitated to raise his voice about social injustice […]

My Top 50 Africans of the Year 2011

"Across Africa, we have seen countless examples of people taking control of their destiny, and making change from the bottom up.” President Obama 2009 Here is the list of some of the amazing people we were lucky enough to encounter in 2011. As an African I am so proud to know them. They are making […]

Another Bad AID Idea for Africa

I was alerted yesterday morning by Linda Raftree alias @meowtree on Twitter to the existence of a project to send 1 million tee-shirts to Africa. Run by a certain Jason Sadler, you can find out all about it here Jason asks each t-shirt donor to enclose a minimum of $1 to contribute to shipping costs. […]

Reality Check on Dead Aid

I honestly think that we need to balance what is Aid and not Aid in Africa. I have been following Dambisa Moyo debates on Dead Aid recently and just need to comment on certain of her ideas. Her recent debate with Jacqueline Novogratz made me think that she hasn’t got the Full picture of what […]

The Emotional entrepreneur

The journey to becoming an emotional entrepreneur starts with accepting responsibility for yourself and your role in society. It is essential that you decide to believe in the value of who you are and what you have to offer. Once you make this decision the emotional centres of your brain release an emotional energy that […]

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