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End of Poverty?

Millions are dying with hunger in our society today and this should not happen. I am sure we can do something about it. This video you are about to view is alarming and demonstrate how the west is failing its promises to the developing world. We need to act now! Source from the zyOzy Blog: […]

Why the British National Party is bad for our society?

I have been studying the BNP manifesto in last 6 months. I am struggling to understand what the party is made off and why should any body vote for them. They are a legitimate party of course that is making its mark in these difficult economic times on Polls... My investigation led me to speak […]

Who has been signing off the UK MP expenses?

The shamble on the MP’s expenses is no where going to end this month or next. The sort of expenses claimed by the UK MP is just unreal. I mean Unbelievable!! Claiming for a TV plasma, Tennis court, fictive mortgages, and Christmas party special hair cut is awful, irrelevant to their jobs as a civil […]

Lords, Escroc's, Sir's, Señorita's, MBE's and all the rest...

Great Britain, what a nation? We like it here especially when Mr Gordon Brown is blowing up our money, telling us every day that we will be fine, as the situation we are in is really a global crisis mainly created by the Americans. We can believe in the story of Ali Baba Mr Brown, […]

BAA Security check-In, Regulations and Policies

According to Dan Milmo, transport correspondent on an article (source the Guardian) "The liquid bomb plot has cost the British aviation industry at least £200m. BAA has invested an estimated £75m in hiring a further 2,500 security guards while other major UK airports not owned by BAA have poured around £25m into security improvements including […]

How can George Bush reinvent himself?

People like George Bush have done so many bad things; there are no words for it.  Talking to a friend last night from Virginia, she was telling me that 4 peoples in the neighbourhoods have lost their jobs; she heard that in another state, a guy took his life, too many debts, no job, no […]

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