Rethinking Africa

"Africa is the home of limitless potential, feel free to dream and together we will make it happen"
South Africa

Africa will host its first International tournament this year 2010. Millions of people are expected to fly in the continent and to discover the beauty, the humanity and smell of it. No African nation has done this before therefore this opportunity will put Africa in the spot light. Visibility is expected at its highest.

It’s also an opportunity to Rethink Africa. South Africa is one portion of Africa with its population reaching the 50 million out of 1billion people living in the continent, a very poor country still where unemployment is extremely high and income inequality has almost created racial discrimination between Blacks and Whites. Women are still raped violently, reduced to nothing, polygamy and violence are still an actuality in South Africa.

South Africa is not Africa; there are many other countries in Africa that by 2020 can hold an International tournament as this grandeur. Yes lots of work needs to be done to achieve that but with reserve certainty, it could happen. This mean that in the next 10 years we must work hard to build necessary infrastructures, stabilise our governments, invest in ICT, help Africans with sustainable applied educational programs that will create jobs and reduce poverty.

Africa is not poor, but 70% of the continent is poorly administered, governed with individuals that want to remain in power for centuries, fear to loose wealth, and good "life". They have forgotten their noble mission in society and just thinking of themselves and their entourages.

I always say that Education is Key to Africa development, we must teach governments to be accountable, reliable and responsible. They have been elected to serve their people, therefore must serve with Dignity! When a mandate has been served, another elected government must take over. Governments aren’t family businesses and we must know this. They have earn the vote of that poor woman in the village therefore must have the decency to deliver what they have promised. African governments need to be taught basic lessons of humans’ rights. 2010 will be a testing time for Africa, it will get lots of visibility, but the credibility, and profitability it needs will depend on how its people rethink of it.

Social Media will have a huge effect on the continent with an expected #hashtags trending on the Twitter home page. It will mean nothing for the people that don’t know Africa, but will mean a lot for the Diaspora and millions of Africans that are leaving outside the continent for diverse reasons such as force immigrations, war, poverty, asylums or simply lack of opportunities in their countries of origins.

Rethinking Africa is crucial for 2010, as we enter this new decade; change must happen at its core. Some people in Africa are very poor, this is a fact and they do not even know why they are so poor, why they can’t buy food, why their resources are misused, or why they can't get access to basic education and that’s the sadness of it. We all must rethink Africa;do the right thing as it has lots of potential that can contribute to a better world.

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