The World Trade Organisation and Poverty in Africa.

I have decided to fight against this organisation this year. My plan is to make to make sure that Mr Obama and his administration understands and changes the policies in this corrupted organisation.

I know my challenge will be tough, but I am prepared to fight and divulge there disgrace through my Foundation, MariemeJamme.org.

The current Agreement on Agriculture was written by cooperate lobbyist that had an interest in the poorest county in Africa that have no voice despite their unmeasurable, unscalable wealth.

Obama is here now, I will make sure the message is passed on; I cannot stand by, be a spectator when we face theses forces.

More than 30 millions African lives in poverty, women and children die every single day due to poverty, malnutrition. They work so hard, they have no voice, and many of the WTO people don't give a damn about their lives. They are taken for granted, used, manipulated and blamed for their lack of intellectual capital.

1in 5 children lives in poverty in the major African cities that provides goods to Europe. It is insane.

This organisation is not serving the interest of Africans Farmers, not to forget the people of the world. In my view it is an instrument that controls all countries potential wealth, the only people that are making something out of this is themselves. They are interested in Big Banks that have stolen the world money and put us in financial mess, I blame America, and the Union European, George Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and many others. For an organisation that was created in 1995 money values should rules over lives values, human right needs should be subordinated to the need of commerce. Fair trade is not happening, and this has to stop.

African entrepreneurs are now calling for this disgrace to end in our continent; we know that we are the only people that can change our continent. No one will do it for us.

Obama wants to make changes, well it start here.

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I have a mission to spread knowledge with words.

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Millions of men and women that waking up every morning and wants their voices to be heard.
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