Tony Blair to receive an award for being a war criminal

Great when awards and medals are received by predators, liars and selfish politicians. They can destroy the reputation of their countries by fabricating stories in order to kill thousand of innocent peoples including women and children. Weapon of mass destruction, what's that?

Funny this world, you have to be bad and you are awarded for a Nobel Peace Prizeā€¦ how cool is that. Time has changed looks like it.

You can even become a role model, an ambassador for insanity even if your current job is crazy, lamentable. And you haven't got a clue about your mission. Well you are the British underdog anyway, follow the Americans, in essence George Bush, after all you all part the lunatics clan, you can't decide for yourself! Follow the leader, all will be great!

Spend your time on planes trying to solve the Israelis and Palestinians war that will not end until you understand the real issue is coming from you and your friends' politicians supporting the who ever you want to support in order to look good and boost your Ego!
Because you haven't got a clue about the situation as you are in a guessing mood, you expect that the Arabs community will help you solve the problems and you can get the credit by being a great peace maker. A real Joker right!

Cease fire, what cease fire, Egypt, Syria and all the rest, what can they do, for centuries these people have been living in complete corruption, magouille and denial. They blame each other for every thing and don't give a damn about their civilians, compatriots. Humanity equal Zero.

In thirteen days your friend will say good bye to his country and its people by failing them as you have failed your country and your people by going to Iraq with complete blindness and stupidity. I hope there is justice in this world!

Enjoy your awards, perhaps you deserve them!

Best Regards


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