Wikipedia and Africa

Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia is expanding in Africa. The founder Jimmy Wales has big ambitions for the developing world according to this BBC article Article. And why is that? Well a continent that has with 53 countries, more than 2000 estimated Languages spoken needs to be considered and given attention on Wikipedia. I think its very wise that Jimmy has announced this move. Not only this expansion will bring an enormous value on content management and archive for Africa but it will help African people to move from an oral tradition to online written tradition. Africa is content, African people can take this opportunity to write world class stories about their continent, re -brand it and make contents more credible and accurate. They are no many African leaders biographies, stories on Wikipedia, the one you read is not written by African people or has a little African input. Real stories needs to start emerging, and I think Wikipedia can collaborate with Africans to make this happen. African People are today using the clouds to make themselves heard. This Wiki addition is just awesome.

This is an excellent move!
Thank you Jimmy and Wikipedia!

From @mjamme!

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