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I posted this on my Instagram and asked people to share it. Please share it widely. Nobody knows what it's like to be black except black people. I truly love my non -Black friends but rather than make them feel bad, I wanted to write this to educate them about my blackness. I am a proud black woman. So read this […]

Black women are changing narratives in Europe.

Change is happening as women of color take the center stage in Europe to curate the most electric and powerful cultural events, we have ever seen in recent years. Usually, the women of color are behind the scenes handing microphones, running around, producing or often writing plays and speeches without being given credit for their […]

Africans must stand in their Power!

An open letter to my fellow Africans.! Each of Us must stand in our own supreme power! I am writing to you because we must stand in our power as Africans. I hope you will be patient and take the time to read my open letter. It has been a month now since we left […]

From Activist to President: Why Youssou Ndour Shouldn't be President of Senegal

Don’t get me wrong, I like Youssou Ndour. I have met him. I think he is a man of high calibre with extensive influence in Senegal and an international profile. His music has spoken to an entire generation and been heard around the world. He has never hesitated to raise his voice about social injustice […]

Open letter to Bono and Bob Geldof

Dear Bono and Sir Bob As an African woman from Senegal, I write this letter with some sadness. I have been following you both since I was a young girl. I was a fan of your music too. It was amazing to follow your exploits as a young Senegalese girl. And it feels strange now […]

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