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Keep Calm & Remember Nelson Mandela
Loneliness in a relationship….

By the time we feel that butterfly in our tummy, start eating chocolate, gone all shy or silent, look into each other eyes, touch hands, feel the sensuality in our hands, the heat in our bodies, looking at the same direction, kissing and cuddling, we know that Love is in the air! We then start […]

How do you learn to love?

A name define who you are and is very much associated to your individuality, love is what makes your senses respond without thinking to a specific need..... it makes you flow, feel good, love helps your heart to be the essence of who you are as human being, you then become open and willing to […]

Absentee Black Men Fathers

Obama's victory will make a great change into the Black Family homes in the USA and around the Globe. The First black man President himself had an absent Father. A role model he could not refer too at his inauguration day, but understood that he had a black blood in his veins. Obama has not […]

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