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The Power of Saying Thank You

Reminding ourselves to feel grateful can improve our hapiness and health. Most of us don’t take a conscious effort to catalogue our blessings, I think that a big mistake. Gratitude is a virtue and an emotion, a knowing awarness that we are the recepients of godness. It is distinctive.and discernible from other postive states. In […]

How can you help stop women sexual abuse in Dakar?

One of the initiatives of the Mariéme Jamme Foundation is to help abused women get a new and sustainable life, through education, mentoring, and information. The word abuse is meaningless in countries like Dakar; they don't understand it and many people really laugh at you when you start talking about it. They think it's a […]

The World Trade Organisation and Poverty in Africa.

I have decided to fight against this organisation this year. My plan is to make to make sure that Mr Obama and his administration understands and changes the policies in this corrupted organisation. I know my challenge will be tough, but I am prepared to fight and divulge there disgrace through my Foundation, MariemeJamme.org. The […]

Lords, Escroc's, Sir's, Señorita's, MBE's and all the rest...

Great Britain, what a nation? We like it here especially when Mr Gordon Brown is blowing up our money, telling us every day that we will be fine, as the situation we are in is really a global crisis mainly created by the Americans. We can believe in the story of Ali Baba Mr Brown, […]

Absentee Black Men Fathers

Obama's victory will make a great change into the Black Family homes in the USA and around the Globe. The First black man President himself had an absent Father. A role model he could not refer too at his inauguration day, but understood that he had a black blood in his veins. Obama has not […]

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