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From Activist to President: Why Youssou Ndour Shouldn't be President of Senegal

Don’t get me wrong, I like Youssou Ndour. I have met him. I think he is a man of high calibre with extensive influence in Senegal and an international profile. His music has spoken to an entire generation and been heard around the world. He has never hesitated to raise his voice about social injustice […]

Where are the African speakers?

This blog has been triggered by the numerous emails I get every day about the apparent lack of African speakers prepared to come forward to talk about certain industries at Africa-focused events. I attend many events in Africa and around the world and my exasperation is growing because I struggle to find African speakers capable […]

Rethinking Africa

"Africa is the home of limitless potential, feel free to dream and together we will make it happen" Africa will host its first International tournament this year 2010. Millions of people are expected to fly in the continent and to discover the beauty, the humanity and smell of it. No African nation has done this […]

ICT in Africa- Mozambique 2009

Just retuned from Mozambique where I was a Keynote Speaker for AITEC Africa, www.aitecafrica.com. This year event was held at the National Convention Centre of Mozambique, opened by Sean Moroney the Chairman of AITEC Africa and held under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Technology, represented by Americo Muchanga. AITEC Mozambique was outstanding, […]

Mobile Revolution in Africa!

From the street of Dakar to Mogadishu cell phones are making a huge difference in people lives. Everywhere you go, people are trying to sell you mobile phones. They have the latest trends, from Nokia to Siemens.  People use mobile phones to talk to their families and friends every day despite leaving under a dollar […]

What are you doing?... with your life?

Is twitter the answer? With hundreds of thousands being laid off, across the world people in all walks of life are struggling to figure out what to do next in their Businesses, their Relationships and in their Lives. We are all asking questions. After almost a year of witnessing a complete meltdown of systems failures, […]

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