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Education to Africa, can we talk about it?

Baird’s CMC an international communication management consulting firm, operating in 11 countries with 28th partners employing over 400 people, represented in Washington, DC, New York, Johannesburg, Gaborone, Harare, Mumbai, London etc… has recently conducted a qualitative survey phase 1 in partnership with the US Chamber of Commerce called” The Conversation behind Closed Doors”. An excellent […]

What are you doing?... with your life?

Is twitter the answer? With hundreds of thousands being laid off, across the world people in all walks of life are struggling to figure out what to do next in their Businesses, their Relationships and in their Lives. We are all asking questions. After almost a year of witnessing a complete meltdown of systems failures, […]

Who has been signing off the UK MP expenses?

The shamble on the MP’s expenses is no where going to end this month or next. The sort of expenses claimed by the UK MP is just unreal. I mean Unbelievable!! Claiming for a TV plasma, Tennis court, fictive mortgages, and Christmas party special hair cut is awful, irrelevant to their jobs as a civil […]

Who do you think you are?

Being clear in what you are saying is becoming a critical mission in our world. I have made clarity one of my missions this year. One of the causes of the world problems today is communication, clarity in what you say, how you say it, and being responsible for it. Using the correct tense in […]

Keeping African Girls In Africa

It breaks my heart when I see some girls from Africa hanging around and trying to get a better life in Europe. Some of them try so hard for themselves and their parents at home. On my workshop session with some of the girls, I ask several questions about their immigration in Europe and what […]

Is your Business going Up In smoke?

Have your Toast Burnt? When something is not working, or burnt try again! Try again one more time and another time maybe, depending on how long you have! If you come to the conclusion that something isn't working and you know it will not, start from fresh. Reset the button and find a new way […]

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