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Are you normal?

....If yes what is normality.. Many people will say that they are abnormal. Their difference is mostly on whom they are, what they do, what they believe in, their values, ethics etc…So it's ok to be unique! Normality and conformity is what most people are trying to do in their life! They have to be […]

Tony Blair to receive an award for being a war criminal

Great when awards and medals are received by predators, liars and selfish politicians. They can destroy the reputation of their countries by fabricating stories in order to kill thousand of innocent peoples including women and children. Weapon of mass destruction, what's that? Funny this world, you have to be bad and you are awarded for […]

How do you define being in Business?

I have been meeting people all around the world and I get fascinated when I meet people who are in a real Business meaning, they have goods to sell to consumers. It also means that they have a market to sell into, a solid business plan, they have done their go to market strategy, and […]

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