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Loneliness in a relationship….

By the time we feel that butterfly in our tummy, start eating chocolate, gone all shy or silent, look into each other eyes, touch hands, feel the sensuality in our hands, the heat in our bodies, looking at the same direction, kissing and cuddling, we know that Love is in the air! We then start […]

How can you help stop women sexual abuse in Dakar?

One of the initiatives of the Mariéme Jamme Foundation is to help abused women get a new and sustainable life, through education, mentoring, and information. The word abuse is meaningless in countries like Dakar; they don't understand it and many people really laugh at you when you start talking about it. They think it's a […]

How a positive attitude and thinking can change your business?

In this difficult time in the UK and around the globe, where the media is killing us, with the bad weather, Gordon Brown Economic meltdown, Gaza, the disaster in Australia and all the very bad news we are fed every day, we can see what is happening in our world, positive attitude and thinking are […]

There are no problems, only solutions in Business

Good Morning, When we have issues in my organisation, we call a brainstorming session, outlined the issues and try to solve them. I love them, I get to interact with my team and we have great FUN. I also get to see their personalities, body languages, how confident they are in expressing their views.Honesty and […]

Recipe to avoid cheating and deceptions

Here are some lessons to help you keep ahead of the game! Lessons1- Never go to be angry with your man or woman Lesson 2- Never argue in front of the kids, try to remain calm Lesson 3- Never wear dirty clothes when welcoming your man or woman Lesson 4- Always give him a kiss […]

Snowed In!

I am sure you will notice that severe weather conditions this morning have made commuting and travel almost impossible. With weather forecasts predicting worsening conditions as the day goes on, alternate work arrangements need to be made if you want your business to continue. Have you considered re-arranging your meetings and scheduling your appointments via […]

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