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Technology Competitions: Setting Young Entrepreneurs up to Fail?

Technology competitions are in need of a reality check. From the UN to Google, there are hundreds of competitions that aim to find the next innovator from Uruguay or Botswana and give them the money they urgently need to set up or scale up their businesses that aim to tackle some of world's greatest challenges. […]

Keep Calm & Remember Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela:18th July 1918 - 5th December 2013

Remembering Nelson Mandela. May he rest in Peace.

How Technology Can Transform Lives of African Women

I recently left the Global Forum on Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship in South Africa, inspired, empowered and hopeful, but extremely impatient to see radical changes to help women in Africa develop a world-class talent in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and businesses. Throughout the event I saw women who were passionate entrepreneurs. They were all seeking […]

Why Tech Innovators are Africa's Future

Apps4Africa has just announced the three winners of its 2012 competition, showcasing the best in African innovation. The winners, chosen from nearly 300 submissions, were Ffene, from Uganda, an app that helps small and medium businesses reduce administrative costs; SliceBiz, from Ghana, a crowdsourcing platform to encourage middle class Africans to invest small amounts in […]

'Change is Imminent': African CEOs Look to Bright Future

Sitting at the first Africa CEO Forum this week, in the heart of Geneva, I asked myself if this was the right time to open the debate on Africa's private sector future. Was Geneva the right place? Critics will rightly argue that this sort of event should have been held in Africa. Over two intensive […]

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