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Aid Agencies in Africa: Applaud Achievers But Keep Wannabees in Check

For more than five decades, countless non-government organisations (NGOs) have been seeking to bring positive change to Africa, investing huge amounts of time and energy to help those in desperate need. In the fight to eradicate poverty and conflict and improve the rights and conditions of women and children, many are doing superb and valuable […]

The Rhetoric of Corporate Social Responsibility Outweighs the Reality

Has the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) finally come of age? The concept has been vaguely defined, and still provides a source of confusion both in the corporate world and beyond, but most international corporations, particularly those with footholds in Africa or Asia, have either already implemented CSR strategies or are now drawing them […]

Negative Perceptions Slow Africa's Development

For generations, the palaver tree was a symbol of communication and collaboration throughout Africa: people would gather under its protective shade to listen to stories, share ideas and news and resolve community problems and conflicts. Though the tradition of sharing remains deeply rooted in African culture, it has been undermined by the economic and political […]

Africa's New Generation is Using Social Media to Push for Change

Africa is becoming increasingly attractive to international investors, and the growth in its human capital is also very exciting. This new generation of makers, doers, inventors, venture capitalists, bloggers, policymakers – the "Cheetah Generation" as the Ghanaian economist George Ayittey has called them – are the hungry grassroots who have been let down by their […]

50 Africans You Should Know About For 2013

Happy New year to all of you! Thank you for being here! 2012 has been an incredible year for me and the people I work with. We have met and worked with so many people inside and outside Africa, so we decided again to put together this list so that you can meet and connect […]

From Activist to President: Why Youssou Ndour Shouldn't be President of Senegal

Don’t get me wrong, I like Youssou Ndour. I have met him. I think he is a man of high calibre with extensive influence in Senegal and an international profile. His music has spoken to an entire generation and been heard around the world. He has never hesitated to raise his voice about social injustice […]

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