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Facing up to the Future in Africa

A recent trip to Africa, where I had the opportunity to visit many schools and meet students who are aspiring to a better education, to serve their countries, to help their families and even to become tomorrow's leaders, was a thought-provoking and dispiriting experience. Education is a basic right of every human being, but it […]

Rethinking Africa

"Africa is the home of limitless potential, feel free to dream and together we will make it happen" Africa will host its first International tournament this year 2010. Millions of people are expected to fly in the continent and to discover the beauty, the humanity and smell of it. No African nation has done this […]

Exclusive Interview: Empowering the African woman

Press AfricaNews Journalist Kingsley Kobo, reporter in Abidjan, Ivory Coast interviewed Marieme Jamme . How do we help African women? What can we do to give them a better-deserved education? How is polygamy affecting them and their health? And how do we enable them to find themselves, have self-esteem and look forward to societal progress? […]

Emmanuel Jal is changing the way!

I had the privilege to meet Emmanuel Jal the Sudanese War Child recently in London, he is truly an inspiration. With his quiet voice and distinguish Sudanese accent, Jal is very humble, intelligent and fun to be with. He was our Guest at Africa Gathering in London where he talked about his childhood and his […]

Climate change decoded for Africans

This image was the most shocking image I saw in my recent visit to Africa, Senegal. I took it on my way to a village called Kaymor. Trust me, its more dirty place I have ever seen on earth. Nearby lives thousands of women, men and children. There is a market where people shop every […]

Wikipedia and Africa

Wikipedia is expanding in Africa. The founder Jimmy Wales has big ambitions for the developing world according to this BBC article Article. And why is that? Well a continent that has with 53 countries, more than 2000 estimated Languages spoken needs to be considered and given attention on Wikipedia. I think its very wise that […]

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